Blossom Together has been honored with many recognitions through the years in return for its services. We are appreciate the kind words and ongoing support we have received and continue to receive.

The U.S. Embassy of Burkina Faso

Blossom Together has worked in Burkina Faso every year since its inception - sometimes exclusively. In 2018, Blossom Together was invited for lunch during which they expressed their sincere support for what we do. In 2019, Blossom Together was once again invited the July 4th celebrations at the Embassy. Additionally, the team received a letter of appreciation from former Ambassador Andrew Young and were also featured on their website and Facebook page.

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World Bank of Burkina Faso

Blossom Together worked directly with Ms. Mariam Diop, Sr. Operations Officer of the World Bank in BF, surveying the relevant regions for 2018's school uniform/supplies project. During their time abroad, the team was hosted at the country office and received recognition for their work.

The Government of Burkina Faso

Blossom Together also received recognition from the Burkinabe Minister of Education and Minister of Security, supporting the work that we do. On the left, a Certificate of Appreciation from the Minister of Education is on display.

Alongside the government, Blossom Together was also awarded with letters of appreciation from their key partners abroad, Complexe Scolaire Horizon International. They are an international school based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. From hosting them the team at the school dorms to proving transportation through the rural country, Horizon International was and still is a key partner to Blossom Together.

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