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For the summer of 2020, Blossom Together is working towards four separate initiatives in four separate countries: Benin, Uganda, Mali, and Guinea. With a growing presence at the University of Virginia, we aim to complete one of our biggest projects yet.


Water Wells in Benin

Blossom Together's first initiative is to open water wells across Benin. Having established new partnerships, the team aims to fund at least three water wells. Each water well costs $2,000 and is predicted to last for 15 years.

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Cataract Surgeries in Mali

Once again, in partnership with Embrace Relief, Blossom Together will fund and assist in cataract surgeries in Mali. Over 800,000 suffer from this disease in Mali, from children to the elderly. Blossom Together will work in the Gaoussana Fofana clinic to help restore vision to the patients. Each surgery will cost $100, and we aim to fund 100 surgeries this year.

Food Packages in Uganda

Our third project will be in a new country for Blossom Together: Uganda. To fight the ongoing famine in rural Uganda, Blossom Together has set a goal of 300 food packages - each costing $70.

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Food Packages in Uganda

Our final project will be in Guinea. In 2021, Blossom Together constructed a multi-faceted water system that supplies clean, accessible water to the entire Ley Hollo region. In addition to the construction, we will be funding the 20+ year maintenance of the system, covering costs from corrosion, natural disasters, etc. The cost will come to $3000.