About Us

Blossom Together is a student-led humanitarian organization that supports living standards in third-world African countries. From water wells to cataract surgeries, the effort provided aid in five different countries. Founded in 2018, Blossom Together has raised nearly $200,000, worked in five different countries, and partnered with reputable institutions like the World Bank. Currently, Blossom Together operates out of the University of Virginia, but has also opened chapters in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. 




A team of six students led Blossom Together's first expedition to Burkina Faso...



Two students traveled once again to Burkina Faso to teach English for five weeks...

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Blossom Together raised funds for food packages...



Leading their biggest project yet, Blossom Together expanded its operations to Guinea and Mali...



Blossom Together is currently working on its newest initiative, working in Benin, Mali, Guinea, and Uganda...

Our Philosophy

Inspired by Mahatma Ghandi’s words - “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” - Blossom Together stands upon a philosophy for happiness. We base our efforts with dreams of a utopia, where every individual woman and man lives their lives dedicated to the happiness of others, where neither poverty nor famine roams the land, where every newborn is given an opportunity to read and achieve. We have decided that if such a utopia were to exist, it would first have to blossom. The effort works to support the blossoming and growth of this philosophy.