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Mali | Benin | Burkina Faso

This year, Blossom Together concentrated its efforts towards three countries: Mali, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Their initiatives raised a combined total of over $50,000 in water, medical, and hunger relief. To experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a team of seven - Callahan Burton, Rachel Lee, Dylan Pierre Louis, Unoma Aguolu, Eren Okandan, Melih Kandil, and Sami Kandil - travelled overseas to Mali to oversee and assist with the projects.

Cataract Surgeries
in Bamako, Mali

Blossom Together, once again partnering up with Embrace Relief and the ophthalmology clinics on grounds in Bamako, fully funded and assisted 100 cataract surgeries and their post-surgery check-ups.

Furthermore, the team travelled into the rural regions of the country to visit local schools and villages. During their visit, they distributed several food packages to families in need and handed out candy to the joyful children.

During the week, our partners in Mali hosted the team graciously and with sincere hospitality, making sure that they enjoyed the many beauties of the country. From swimming and riding a canoe in the Niger River to riding horseback to hosting a farewell party, there was much that the Blossom Together team were grateful for.

morocco 15.jpg

Layover in Casablanca

The team that travelled to Mali also got to enjoy two 10-hour layovers in Casablanca, Morocco – for both their arrival flight and departure flight. Blossom Together took advantage of their networks in the North African country to get a tour of the beautiful city.


The team visited the Hasan II Mosque, the Habous Market, the beach, alongside several other spots. Our local friends were amazing, helping us get around and make the most of our time. Leaving the beach and heading to the airport, we made sure to carve a physically temporary but emotionally unforgettable note in the sand!