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Mission Statement

Blossom Together stands upon a philosophy for happiness. We base our efforts with dreams of a utopia, where every individual woman and man lives their lives dedicated to the happiness of others, where neither poverty nor famine roams the land, where every newborn is given an opportunity to read and achieve. We have decided that if such a utopia were to exist, it would first have to blossom. The effort works to support the blossoming and growth of this philosophy.


At the start of every year, Blossom Together identifies new projects and goals with the sole motivation of offering the slightest bit of ease in the modest lives of those who need it the most. Our services are focused under three umbrellas: water, food, and health. We have observed that these three essentials components of life are in need of aid more than anything. Each year the team works hard in pursuit of constructing water wells, funding and assisting cataract surgeries, preparing and distributing food packages, just to name a few. And one step at a time, we aim to make a difference.

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