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In 2021, the Blossom Together Association has taken new steps towards expanding the organization and reaching out to more in need. We officially became a Contracted Independent Organization at the University of Virginia, and we have expanded to new universities. We have met and surpassed our goals this year, leading multiple successful expeditions abroad.


Blossom Together led expeditions to three different countries: Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso. We constructed a new water infrastructure, distributed food packages, and funded and assisted in cataract surgeries. Blossom Together raised nearly $100,000 for this year's initiatives - the largest project yet.


Clean Water in Guinea

Blossom Together established a key partnership with Unite du Monde, conducted relevant research and surveys, and organized the construction of a new water infrastructure. The entire project in Guinea cost approximately $50,000. Through our networks in North America, Europe, and Africa, we funded a multi-faceted water system covering the entire Ley Hollo region in Guinea.


Cataract Surgeries in Mali

We partnered with Embrace Relief to assist their local clinic in Mali with cataract surgeries. With over 800,000 suffering from the disease, cataracts is a growing problem in Mali. Blossom Together raised funds for and assisted in 100 cataract surgeries.

Food Packages in Burkina Faso

Our third project was in Burkina Faso, making a stand against the widespread problem of famine. For our work in Burkina Faso, we partnered with the World Bank and funded over 300 food packages in Ouagadougou.

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