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Guinea | Mali | Burkina Faso

For the first time, Blossom Together expanded its operations to multiple countries, leading expeditions to Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso. We designed and constructed a new water infrastructure, funded and distributed food packages, and funded and assisted in cataract surgeries. Blossom Together raised nearly $100,000 for this year's initiatives - the largest project yet.

Clean Water System in Ley Hollo, Guinea

Blossom Together conducted thorough research and organized the construction of a new water system in the Ley Hollo region of Labe, Guinea. The entire project cost approximately $50,000 and took nearly 11 months to complete. We brought together partners from New York, Paris, and Conakry to design and fund the multi-faceted system.

Residents come together to celebrate the completion of the new water system.

Captured moments from the construction in progress

Children celebrate as water is first dug out during the early stages of construction

Most recent picture of the completed water system


Cataract Surgeries in Mali

With over 800,000 suffering from the disease, cataracts is a growing problem in Mali. Blossom Together raised funds for and assisted in 100 cataract surgeries. We partnered with Embrace Relief to use two of their clinics: Gaoussana Fofana and Clinic Planet Vision to execute the procedures.


Sathvik Bodepudi, a 17-year-old member of the South Carolina Chapter, travelled overseas for a week to oversee and assist with the surgeries. 

A moment captured with some of our patients following their operation

Food Packages in Burkina Faso

For the third project, Blossom Together funded, prepared, and distributed over 150 food packages to those in need. The food packages consisted of cattle meat, which is not very accessible or cheap in the rural villages of the country. Our packages were sufficient to supply the average family for several months, considering the drying process typically performed. We worked with ONG Education in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to follow through with our project. 

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